why does no one love me?


It feels like every girl i know just does’t love me. For instance i was really close to this one girl. One day she tried to do sexual things with me. Later i found out she just doesn’t love me or has no feelings for me. She goes from guy to guy while i suffer watching her date someone then get dumped. Am i ugly? Whats wrong with me?

Category: Tags: asked August 2, 2014

4 Answers

Well, why don't you go out and give them a reason to love you? Like, maybe when somebody peaks your interest, go show them how awesome you are! Maybe, what you can do is take a break from relationships for the rest of the year or however long you need to build your confidence back up, and then go out there and be amazing. Oh yeah, and don't pay attention to that girl. The name I would give to her starts with an S and ends with a T and has the letters L and U in the middle.
nothing is wrong with you, what is wrong with her? she's a bitch.
Nothing is wrong with you. Love doesn't exist.
nothing is wrong with you, and there never will be don't let people like her get you down. keep your head up and you'll find the one who will love you for being you x