why does my sister do this


Im 16 and my sister is 17 and she like to sit on my lap for some reson and even in public
(Does it make me a bad person it gives me an erections

And its realy imbaresing (the fact she sits on my lap abd the fact it gives ne and erection

The other day she did it at the beach and i had to run into the water to hide it

Why does she do this?
am i a bad person?

How do i get her to stop with out emmbaresing my self

I dont wanna tell her to stop and make things akward ???

Why does she do that???


Category: asked March 6, 2015

9 Answers

You can try to ask her not to sit on your lap. Tell her you don't like it when she sits on your lap. If your sister is attractive then it's understandable that, that happens. Not that this happens for everyone, but it happens for some. At your age it's also normal to have your hormones rushing. You're not a bad person, it's not happening on purpose. I found something on google that you could read: http://isitnormal.com/story/am-i-evil-my-little-sister-gives-me-a-boner-when-she-sits-on-my-lap-143815/
@fahrenheit451No no more sexual jetures okay
Yes shes quite pretty and thsnk you for the advise
Yeah i just dont wanna tell her to stop and make this strange and akward, yeah i suppse she probly knows
Does she frequently sits on your lap? Or perhaps she did do this when you're still young?
Yes frequently its not just in publicYeah she started quite a while ago
No you are not a bad person, and about your sister well there could be a couple of explanation why she does that but it's best to stop her like by saying you are heavy so get up it hurts or etc, just say it cool....
It's not weird for you to get erections. If you don't want to straight up ask her, just avoid sitting down when she could easily sit on your lap, or when you notice that she's going to sit, stand up and do something else. That way she'll get the hint and you wont have to go through the awkward part.