Why do you all hate me?


I always try and give helpful responses to people on here. Yet my QA reputation just stays in the minuses. What am I doing wrong?? Everyone at college hates me and now everybody on here hates me. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

Category: asked December 3, 2014

4 Answers

No, not everyone :D You did your best listening to venters who needed help! QA reputation doesn't really matter, it's just a number beside a medal.

Not everyone hates you in College nor in High school or Elementary days, you're overthinking too much. Don't include those people who you don't know yet. ;D
Hey honey. Dont be pressured with that QA reputation. We did not joined blah just to have a high QA reputation, we joined blah to help other people or be helped. Remember always why we are here. In addition to that, people really dont hate us, sometimes we just think that they hate us but in fact, they really dont care.Be with the people who are true to you and can make you happy. And above all, love yourself. :)
In addition: Because there were users who were trying to fluff their numbers with group creation and group join-up, Admin removed those perks outright because BlahTherapy is about helping.

My Q&A is currently the highest on BlahTherapy, but I receive down votes as well if my advice is not helpful. Do not let the Q&A points affect you; all that matters is that we help people.
your pretty cool to me :)