Why do we put up with SPAM.


ENOUGH with the SPAM Ads, Nobody is buying the BS. Enough is enough… we need question moderation to keep this from going live….who is with me?

Category: Tags: asked April 8, 2015

3 Answers

I definitely agree. The Q&A definitely needs some moderation. Plenty of users are active a lot here on blah and wouldn't mind helping out. There have already been other posts similar to yours, but it seems to get overlooked. Surely, they say they're working on it which is good, but it would help if the Q&A would have some moderators. The spam keeps piling up, especially in the Q&A.
I just joined up with BlahTherapy, and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of talking people through their issues. Between lulls in the queue, I checked out the unanswered questions section of the Q&A, and saw the spam you mentioned. It definitely seems pretty infested.

I'm with you. Cleaning up the Q&A section would be excellent, and allow non-live outlets for venters. +1

Meanwhile, regular users keep getting "stop spam" messages when they try to reply to something. I get it a lot and now I even got it with replying to this question. Now that's irritating.