Why do we go to school for?


I’m most likely just frustrated with college, but I’ve actually been wondering what is the whole point of school in general?

I mean.. We go to College in order to work, but we work in order to pay for College, and sometimes even if you finish College, you don’t get a job, you fall into poverty and its just not a fun time. I mean I know this doesn’t apply to everyone. Some individuals get scholarships and full-rides.
But to those who aren’t lucky enough to get them and have to rely on loans, this certainly can apply.

I mean I hear people say that education is the key to fight poverty or something along those lines, but college is so expensive. Education is expensive.

I feel like its just a one big factory we were raised to work. I mean sure there’s other stuff out there that we can do, but what can you do without money? Not a lot. So we work to get money and in order to do things.

I sound negative with this but it’s just an idea with school. I’m curious what you people think of the whole system of whats the point of schooling

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It's very important to differentiate something here. School IS NOT education and it's actually a byproduct of it. I love education, we thrive on educating ourselves. Learning is as necessary as eating or drinking water, if you don't learn you will become miserable. You can get all kinds of education by just visiting a 3rd world country and just seeing how people live. However, our society has twisted and distorted the term, "education." When people hear that word they think of school or when students, like myself hear it we sigh. You see where I'm getting at? TheFrenchDutchman was heading in the right direction but didn't differentiate the two. Here's a great philosopher by the name of Elliot Hulse who discusses this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-BMrt-rmZY

This is literally the scene in "The Matrix" right after Morpheus has just explained the matrix to Neo. Yeah...well your Neo, so welcome aboard. I could...omg don't tempt me...go on about this for 30+ paragraphs easy. But I'm wore down from earlier and this has been covered to scientific level of scrutiny. Basically college is a joke, yes.

A degree was powerful in the past, because they were super rare. I mean throughout all of history a high school diploma was incredibly rare up until the 1900s. But even into the 90s most kids now got HS diplomas and half of them where going to college, there was a clear divide between people that got degrees and good office jobs and the high school drop outs that shoveled shit for minimum wage.

But in recent years the government has orchestrated that EVERYONE goes to college because of easy loans on their end and on our end...well, after 2008 there were zero jobs. So people though, why not just go back to school so I look like I'm doing something important. But just like how the Gov. had encouraged everyone to invest in tech and .com's from like 1995-2000, and later pushed everyone into buying homes from 2001-2008. That worked out so well, that from 2008-2016 it's all about college. This is what is called the "boom and bust cycle". Roughly every 8 years on the dot, sooo next stop? The end of this year, or early next year if it keeps in line with the past 2 collapses.

So now....tuition costs 100x more than what it's worth, and while at the same time that it's artificial demand pushes the prices through the roof and overvaluing college ...on the other end of the factory...when kids get out, and everyone and their mother has a degree. They are no longer rare, or special...they are just meaningless. In the past a lot of places wouldn't hire you unless you at least had your high school diploma, but now it's morphed into at least having your associate's.

So honestly...I am hoping to slowly sell off all of my stuff this year. As money trickles in, I'll be investing in buying physical silver 1 ounce coins/bars for savings. That's the hedge against the economy taking a shit this Sept.23rd or something.

Now this might be the point where I loose some people, but whatever man...more fodder for the zombies, lol. But since I have no friends, hobbies or a girlfriend to drain my finances...I feel like I might as well put my cash into my "dual purpose hobby", which is basically redneck shit.

I'm talking buying ammo for my AK-47, stockpiles dried non-perishable foods all Mormon-style, getting a bunch of cool tactical gear and whatever. So not to sound crazy, but if we get through Sept. without the US dollar collapsing, then I'll chill out and start "slowly" selling most the silver back into cash depending on the price movement, and put it into checking, etc. Like right now silver is a STEAL.

I don't get how it can be so low...in the past 3 days it finally shot back up from $16.50/oz up to $17.50/oz. so like, just that made me +$1 for ever coin I own. So if I have like, 30 coins...I just made $30. Plus, all paper currency is based on nothing real, only consumer faith. But silver, you can take your coin, sell it to a smelter, who will melt it down...sell it to a manufacturer, who will then use your "money" to create real things when that silver goes into thousands of electronic products and even used in medicine to kill germs, etc.

If nothing happens, I keep all the cool stuff I already like owning for fun...as a collector of some of the rare items in my small collection, as an investor since most of the items have been slowly appreciating over time...and then at the same time, I would start selling the most appreciated items right away. So like if silver was pushed up $10+ in a week and it was obviously a speculative mini-bubble that was going to pop within days. I would dump ALL of my silver, just because there's a solid window.

What I'm trying to say, is that I look like a doomsday prepper...but the whole time I'm playing a game of investing, selling, etc. Anyway, this seems off topic...but I don't think so, I think what's going on with college IS one of the different symptoms that is making the US unstable. I mean with all the racial tensions with...name your incident, if the Gov looses control for even a day, it's all over.

The race riots alone, from every side...the class riots, the anarchists, communists, neo-nazis, KKK, Black Panthers....and 100 more groups would immediately go from angry pamphlet distribution to building truck bombs and planning what is could be called "mass casualty incidents". You can take FEMA courses free online and get CEUs, even transfer then into college credits.

I remember from back when I was taking those courses...coming back to education, learning that the government is great at maintaining order...because it basically maintains itself aside from the occasional lone gunmen shootings. But when things collapse, FEMA has a plan for everything...but ...well KATRINA.
But looking at the data it all (in my opinion, which is totally worthless) points to not if, but when ...we default on our debt (U.S.). I think it would be more like when the Soviet Union collapsed, nothing crazy...just like switching from windows to mac...just government style. But in the very rare case that things fumble out of the Gov's hands and they somehow screw up their response so back that shit just fucking IMPLODES into MAD MAX world...well, at least you won't have to pay off your student loan anymore! :) :) :)

If your actually interested in my conspiracy theory rant and want to go down a deep Youtube rabbit hole tonight? Youtube Search stuff like: "petrodollar explained" "peter schiff was right" as the media/gov saw no one saw 2008 coming... but what you should spend some serious time looking at is "Student Loan Bubble". But if anyone looks at this shit and FREAKS OUT...just calm down and I'm open for any questions. Since I freaked out 5-6 years ago and overreacted to say the least.
School is a choice, people and media throw fear bombs at you, ''if you don't go to school you will fail in life'', that is not true. School can offer a lot, depending what you're looking for, it's also part of the control system,you go to school and do exams only to meet more school and more exams always harder, ending up in an office cubicle typing. However it doesn't always have to be that way. If you are unhappy in school than go to what makes you happy, it might feel like a risk and it can definitely be a risk, but if its what makes you happy than don't let that opportunity turn into fear. You're not the only one facing this so never worry, follow your heart.
Because a world where no one knows what the hell they're doing, that's a disaster waiting to happen. Doctors who don't know how to treat people etc.
We go to school so the Gov't can brainwash you and make you a slave to it's money-making society.
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