why do sickos come to this site?


in the day iv’e been here, i made some good friends already, but i also found people who talk about touching themselves while listening to venters (which, in my opinion, is one of the worst ways of taking advantage of people) and another person who i came to with genuine problems, who just wanted to call me a loser and leave. why do you think so many bad people come to a site, that in my mind, is here to help people with problems?

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3 Answers

Good question, dont think you are going to get a good answer though...Some people are just sickos, but that makes you appreciate the nice people even more
Like Dustin says, fact is there are just a lot of hateful people on the internet everywhere. Thing about it is anyone can go anywhere online, and sadly there are some people who go out of their way to ruin websites for others. But like it says above, it does make one appreciate the nice people more :)
There are going to be sickos no matter where you are. There will be sickos in your real life and on the internet. Also, this site attracts people with problems because it's a site that is dedicated to helping troubled people. Try not to get sensitive about it, if you want to help people you're going to have to be able to hear strange and abnormal things and try your best to give advice. If someone lacks empathy and is a bad person to the point that they are bothering you and others, just steer clear of them.