Why do people hesitate to be friends?


I have witnessed this weird thing a couple of times.You know someone and they know you, you’ve seen each other multiple times,been to the same class, or same club or whatever and you’ve spoken once or twice, not as much as to get to know each other. Yet when you send forward a friend request on any social networking site, they won’t accept it. What could be the probably cause behind this? Did I go wrong somewhere?

Category: asked January 12, 2014

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Well, there could be a lot of reasons. Some bad, some neutral, some good. Maybe they didn't like you (this is the worst case scenario), maybe they heard something bad about you from some gossiper, maybe they just don't accept facebook requests from someone they don't know well, there is also a possibility that they simply missed your request. I can go on and on, but basically my point is that cases like this you can't really be sure as to why a certain person behaved in a certain way without a little more information. Hope this helped :)
Yup Shashank Sharma's right! Try talking to that person a little more and that way they'll know you a little better for who you are (that way rumors and not knowing you well can't be the problem) and that way if they still don't friend you, it could still be a million and one reasons but at least you tried :) hope this helps :)
Hmm I used to be one such person. Back then, I wouldn't add just anyone into my social networking sites because I held the position of a 'friend' so high you'd think I was holding a beauty pagent. So don't read too much into why they do not add you. It could be such a simple silly reason such as mine. If it really bugs you, talk to them to find out the real reason.
Usually people hesitate to be friends because they have been in situations in their lives where they have been hurt emotionally or betrayed by a friend. They are just afraid that it will happen again. This might not necessarily be the case on a social network, they may have just not been on in a while. But don't stress over it, some people are just shy, and maybe they don't think they know you well enough!
I have had that happen. People are odd like that. Maybe they are inactive on the site or maybe they don't remember. On twitter, when someone follows me I sometimes don't get a notification about it. So there are tons of factors. It isn't always just because they don't know you or are awkward like that! some people are odd like that that they want a smaller circle of people on their social media too.
I don't I'm intensely open and random in real life I would love to chill with you or really anyone,hop on the buss I'll be your homie for life!