Why do I take things too seriously?


I’m pissed off because I feel like I’m being used by this one guy. We’re like best friends but until he tried pulling off sexual things on me and made things awkward. He tells me he really likes me but then he’s talking to this other girl and I find out he’s a man whore? This is bothering me way more than it should and getting my depression & anxiety out of wack. I always seem to lose friends to this kind of thing. I mean we’re still friends and all but I don’t want to lose him entirely. I’m just so confused and I would LOVE it if someone helped me.

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Did you tell him that?
I think you should tell him exactly how you feel, so you sort things out and move on. There's no point in letting this eat you up.
You need to figure, after you two speak, if it's good for you if you stick with him or not. If he awakes your anxiety and depression, maybe he isn't a good choice, I'm sorry.
One thing I'm sure of: you'll find a good friend/partner who treats you right.
Try not to sweat it over guys who play you. Just... move on, and be fabulous.
I think its as simple as this -- Do not compromise yourself.I'd also say try not to judge him either. Stay his friend if you are getting something out of the relationship, but don't let him cross the line.Of course what I'm saying is easier said than done, but when you encounter stuff like this you have to protect yourself. If you don't want a sexual relationship from him, that's all you should have to say and he should respect it... if he cannot then maybe you do have to let it go since it does bother you so much.You are at an age where there are alot of selfish actions that go on amongst the age group. It will probably be very rough if you are a sensitive individual , but remember always stay true to yourself. And if its not working, call a spade a spade and let him go.
You take this seriously because you care. Okay? Can we deal with that first? The fact that you care?
It's mentioned that this guy was your best friend. Your BEST friend. You love the guy -- or at least care for him, because duh. And now he's made advances towards you. Has he been planning this for a long time? Did he think about for a long time? Or was it just a spur-of-the-moment decision; did he just randomly decide to pursue you? Does it matter?
He's made his move. You're his target.
Did you say no?
Because if you did, then he's probably decided to ease himself from the heartbreak. He doesn't want to hurt himself trying to love a girl that won't love him back. He's trying to take a chance with this other girl, who might give him the chance he thinks you won't. He's trying to give himself a happy life.
You feel weirdly JEALOUS of the other girl. Is it because you didn't know what you want? Is it because, inside, you wanted that boy to love you? Is it just because you want him back as your BEST FRIEND, forever and ever? Does it matter?
It doesn't. It doesn't because you feel sad and depressed because you feel like you're losing him. Because you CARE. And that? That's not a bad thing. That's not a bad thing at all.
He's talking to that other girl to try to be happy. Maybe you should talk to him so you can be happy too. Let him know you want him to stay. Let him know that even though you may not want him in that way, you still want him to be by your side. You still want to be his friend. You still want him to be with you, even if it's not in the way he wants.
And if he can handle that? Then that's a the mark of a good friend.