why do i feel this when my friends talk to me


i have 2 friends who both seem to have low self esteem/confidence and they both are always nostalgic about past memories and they both only talk about themselves and their problems. i get it they are having a hard time , im here i listen to them but it kinda sucks that they only talk to me when they have problems to talk about and i just feel annoyed but i dont want to feel annoyed because i want to help them i spent a lot of time not having anyone to talk to about my problems so i just want them to know im here but its difficult to listen to them if inside im feeling annoyed. help?

Tags: asked January 10, 2015

2 Answers

Sometimes it can become too much for you if all you do is listen to problems from others. You also have problems occasionally and you shouldn't forget about yourself. What you feel and what you go through matters as well. You can kindly tell them that sometimes you also have a hard time. Don't bottle everything up. They're probably unaware how you're feeling and it's okay to tell them when you're not okay. Nobody can feel good all the time. There will always be good days and bad days. It's kind that you're there for them, but don't forget yourself. Sometimes you also need someone to be there for you. Everyone needs a shoulder at times. If you ever need to talk, my inbox is always open.
Honestly, once I felt that I was doing that to one of my good friends so usually even if I had problems I really wanted to talk about I would be quiet so that she could share her problems and disconforta with life. Try to tell them how you feel and or make a suggestion to talk about something positive, eventhough you aren't talking about your problem talking about something positive can uplift your spirit and stuff and probably over time you would realize your problem as well as theirs might not be as big an as challenging as it seems