Why do I feel numb all the time?


I’ve been feeling numb since May, it was the time when I had really deep depression and something kinda OCD and bipolar disorder, then I got better for the next month without any professional help and I felt better but I felt like I’ve lost the ability to feel anything whether it’s good or bad. Now I feel that more, like I don’t care about anything that happens around me. I wanna have feelings again. Help me.

Category: Tags: asked January 22, 2015

3 Answers

Maybe you got stuck in a routine and now you're on auto pilot. This leads to feeling numb. Try to do something different from time to time. Don't let yourself get stuck in the same routine over and over. Maybe you've lost interest in the things that you do daily. You could try out a new hobby to have a change for a bit.
Maybe you've experienced so many negative emotions that you've just repressed and ignored them. That's what happens to me sometimes. Hmmm...well, what I do is try to recognize how I am feeling in any given situation, and try to let myself feel...try to become more aware of how something SHOULD make you feel even if you don't feel it
Most of the mental illness such as depression and bipolar are cyclical. This means that they will come and go naturally. One day you will feel absolutely fine and the next day you won't. When you talk to a therapist they teach you different ways to cope with the bad. I think the best way is always to remember the light at the end, talk to someone about what is happening, even if it's just a friend.