Why do I criticize myself so much?


I don’t know if this will make much sense, but for a long time now I’ve considered morals to be a meaningless construct of society, however I have problems in being able to put myself first and prioritize what I want. I often still seek the approval of others and am overly-empathetic to the point that I can see it taking a toll on my life by actively denying myself goals and wants, further pushing me into a depression. Does anyone have any experience with this or advice? (I feel it may have some roots in how I was raised and I haven’t been able to kick the habit so to speak)

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Yeah, it sucks. Lucky for you we are all here for you. As someone who has(and is) experiencing this sort of thing I know exactly how it feels in your position.
The way to deal with it is to take a deep breath and then start to put things into perspective. Do certain things step by step. For example you not doing an essay question to revise (because that stresses you) your just going over your notes. then you answer some simple questions from old homework, and work your way up!
It sucks. It really does. But it gets better. If your a teenager it sucks more but it generally means that it doesn't last too long. We are here for you and more specifically me! IF you need anything don't hesitate to message more whenever! if you want my email or someshit just ask! Much Love Erin xxx
The fact that you know yourself and you know you're doing the right things, you don't have to criticize yourself. People are always there to say bad things against you no matter how good you are. They are there to pound on your weakness for you to be strong and hold on to your grounds and know yourself more.

I'm an artist, a struggling one. I have also been into situation where i can't develop what i love to do because of people out there criticizing me, but i'm very stubborn. I keep doing what i do because later on i realized that what i'm doing does not benefit them but me. Even my loved ones doesn't support me and ridicule me in what i do but i didn't listen. Instead i hope, that someday, by continuing what i love to do i'll be able to be good at it and inspire people and in return my loved ones will soon understand and accept me as a whole.

As long as you're doing good, don't value other's opinion. It'll make you lose your self-esteem more. Remember, once they said something against you, they will forget about it while you the receiver, bogged down for so much about it. You are the one that matters not them.