Why did my friends stop talking to me?


Here is something random and i just would like answered.

So lately, I’ve only been open about my problems to my only TRUE AND REAL friends. A, B, K and S. They’ve always been there for me but never really knew about my self harm, bulimia and depression. Soon enough I became comfortable with them enough that I sat each one of them alone and told thema little bit of what has happened to me in my earlier years.
Ever since then, { 2 weeks ago } all of them, just stopped talking to me. Like legit stopped, no more textes from anyone, they won’t even answer my phone calls, all three of them have me for at least one class and now they just ignore me. I don’t even get a simple hello or a glance my way anymore.
Did i do something wrong when i told them? I didn’t even give them all the details. I just gave the minor details and once they were fine with it, I would have told them my entire story.
I.. I just need advice please.. and thank you..

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3 Answers

Obviously , they are not your real friends ? If they were , they would acceot you for who and whatyou are ... dont blame yourself if some wall was built among them from you .., it's their own faul why they refused on accepting or understanding who you are ... just a piece of advice , don't trust someoneneasily .. you can trust them but not completely , it's just thinking outside the box , and the ones that caused this is a real personal problem ... cheer up , if they ignore you , ignore them more , act like you don't care ... ^_^
A lot of people are uncomfortable with things they don't understand. They may be worried they will do or say something wrong. Or they may just not know how to react to it. There are lots of possible reasons that they have distanced themselves. Don't blame yourself though
They are not your friends
It's easy to be friends with people when everything is going great, it's when life gets much harder that so called "Friends" start dropping out on you. There may be a couple that stick it out with you. Those are the keepers.