why did my BF brake up with me?


well it’s a private therapy setted school for kids who have trouble in regular schools

there’s only like 20 kids

i’m 15 years old

he’s 16 his name is ryan my name is jade

so anyways

i just had a 2 week vacation

from summer school there
and when i return back
he’s on vacation then the next day he’s back so when he gets back

(everything was going wonderful with both of us romantically)
he ignores me the entire day!

i was confused why he was doing it
so i asked one of the staff (not teachers it’s a different kind of school)
i said to talk to him with me
and she said we’d do it tomorrow
so the next day
they sit us in the tiny library with 2 staff and ryan comes in
and he says “i think we should brake up i don’t want to be in a relationship and that i heard weird stuff from peers about you staring at me all the time”
and he also said “that thought of you doing that makes me irritated let’s just be friends”
and i was all “WTF!!!”
and then cried in the library.

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2 Answers

In my opinion it's a very immature reason to break up with someone, but when you date this young, you run into that chance. Try talking to friends to accommodate for the social loss and refer to @jenna1985 for other cooping methods.
Welcome to puberty, where hormones are crazy and yesterday's feelings dont matter. But seriously, you're both at the point of your lives where hormones and emotions are going nuts. It's not unheard of for both boys and girls to adore a person one day then not care the next. It's nothing person about you, it's just that the goalposts are constantly moving at your age, which is something that cannot be helped.