Why did he stopped?


I like this certain guy who’s 7 years my senior. Met him online and we just talked daily for almost a year. He was always flirting and i just didn’t mind his ways, but when the time that i told him that i like him, he’s been opening up to me more about his problems and such..but then, last month he just stopped communicating with me, and i don’t know why. It happened before as well that he’d stopped talking to me whenever he’s overseas. but that’ll just be for a week or 2.. but now its over a month and i never heard of him.

asked July 24, 2015

2 Answers

Online friends come and go, way too fast. I've seen many great ones just vanish over the years, there's no fighting it. We can only mourn their passing. Let's pour out some liquour for our forgotten e-buddies.
Hey, you're lucky that I've passed such a situation. Your friend isn't like.. he doesn't want to talk to you but at first, when he started talking to you, he was so enthusiastic and wanted to have such a good friend, but later.. he figured out that its hard to keep talking with someone who is only on internet.. and he is right.. its actually hard if he isn't patient. I think that you can hit him up by searching on his socials or just keep sending him messages where you used to, and try to make him know your feelings for him, and that you are worried about him. I hope that you can get to him as fast as possible, if you feel like chatting or asking questions about it, HMU!