Why can’t I be in a relationship?


Throughout High School/Secondary school, I’ve been looking for a relationship, I tried multiple times to get together with someone, but every time I failed. The majority of my friends have been in relationships or kissed people, I haven’t been in any and I’ve never kissed anyone. I’m now going into college in a few weeks (I’m 17). I want to be with someone so much because I want to find someone who can make me feel happy and special. But, from how many times I’ve failed, I just feel like I will never end up in a relationship, or kiss someone.

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4 Answers

Relationships are complicated. Especially in these days, when you're stuck with people that are just using you for money, your body, or to make someone else jealous. It's a very bittersweet situation, given you haven't been hurt by all these things, but you have no relationship experience when the time comes for "the one" (Unless they are very patient with you). I'm 17 and the last "relationship" I had lasted 7 hours, after she dumped me through a text message saying "I don't feel comfortable with you hugging me in public. Sorry, we're done". So I see where you're coming from when you say you want someone to care about you, but someone does. And that's the Lord God.
Relationships come at different moments. I'm 17 and i've never had a serious relationship even though i've always wanted to. Then i have friends who have had a lot of boyfriends and others that haven't kissed anyone. And as it has already happened to some people, it will happen to you. Don't worry because you will kiss someone, it just might happen when you least expect it.
My first kiss was when I was 19. You'll figure things out. Just try and relax and enjoy your life right now. Have a little faith if possible. :)
best way to get one smile a lot be yourself be ready for it but don't go looking for it ik its counterintuitive but its the best way also first one probably wont be the one you marry