why cant guys be friends with girls without falling for them


i have a guy friend who was helping me with breaking up with my best friend. And now is declaring love for me even though we are both married! When i pointed this out to him he blocked me from contacting him making me feel even worse as i have now lost 2 friends! Im really annoyed with him and it hurts at the same time to be abandoned. How selfish!

Tags: asked May 19, 2015

2 Answers

I'm sorry to hear that he suddenly left you so fast. The way he handled things isn't right. Sometimes people do develop feelings for someone, even if they're already with someone else. However, I wouldn't say that guys can't be friends with girls without falling for them. Guys and girls can be friends without one falling for the other. Friendship isn't based upon gender really. If your friend left you so fast, then he wasn't such a good friend to you. I hope that your future friendships turn out better.
I'm really sorry that that happened to you. I might be wrong, but I think in general, the physical aspect of a relationship is more important to the male, while the emotional aspect is more important to the girl. Some guys are just very quick to fall in love with a girl's physical appearance. As to why your friend said he loves you even though you both are married, this might be because you two became emotionally closer as he helped you deal with breaking up with your friend, and this caused him to be attracted to you romantically.