Why are people so judgmental on this website?


I’ve actually expressed my negative concerns on a venting group, and I just had another bad experience.

It was a really lonely night, and I just wanted to know why I felt lonely in the first place… and I just needed insight,

The listener I was paired up, was once again, horrible. It was completely awkward, and nobody said “Hi” until after 3 minutes. Then the person asked, “Dude or Dudette? :P ” I said “Neither.” because it’s true. I’m genderfluid and consider myself both genders, and in fact, I think that question made me even more self-conscious.

He didn’t answer until after 5 minutes, it’s like he just forgot about me. He only replied with “….What? Weird.” I was about to explain to him my problem, and if he was still there. Right when I sent it, the listener disconnected.

I feel like a freak of nature, and that being genderfluid is bad now. Not to me tion the tons of trolls on this website is over 9000, and there’s so many trolls and spammers that’s it’s not even funny anymore.

I’ve tried with another listener, and the second we connected, the listener left, and after that, there were no more listeners so I gave up.

This might seem like a rant, but I do have a question, Why do the people here act like the way it is, and why are they so judgmental towards genderfluid/queer? I just feel like being genderfluid is wrong.

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As an LGBT person myself, I can tell you that there is nothing wrong with being genderfluid, and the opinions and behaviors of others should have no bearing on how you feel about yourself. I know this seems like a strange statement in the early years of young adulthood, but we can most definitely esteem ourselves apart from and even despite the opinions of other people and without their approval or even positive input. How we feel about ourselves eventually stops being about how others respond to us and more about how we choose to treat and care for ourselves.

As a BlahTherapy Listener, I can tell you that you are correct; BT is a gathering-place for predatory people with ill intent towards people whom they view as easy targets. The best you can do is identify those abusive behaviors quickly, report those users and move on, giving them nothing further than cursory notice, like you would look over the redundant sights of a familiar drive around your hometown.

If you ever need to talk, my inbox is always open at blahtherapy.com/members/blackholehead. You'll find no judgments from me.
The internet is full of people whose intents are ill, i say, the best way to get rid of them in three seconds is, if they ask your gender, just tell them you're a guy, troll the trollI can listen if you want, i may not have experience in dealing with the issue of asexuality but i can try
Those judgmental people don't understand what it's like to be a LGBT person, If only they understood how you felt about yourself they wouldn't act or say the things they do. If you understand they don't know what it's like you can move on from what they say.
Not everyone is judgemental. Though I agree that number of trolls and judgemental freaks is way too high here now a days. Don't let it affect you. Be proud of yourself and disconnect on such people. And if ever you need you can inbox me, I promise no judgements there. :) Take care.