Why are guys so attracted to breast and rear-ends?


I don’t get it. And because they make it such a big deal i feel so inferior. I don’t have much of what strikes their eye as hot or “smokin”. Any thoughts?

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i dont talk to people who objectify me and i dont surround myself by people if they are the type to judge on looks. Im gay so i like girls but i see SO much beauty in all women. and men, but im not attracted to them. i can say like oh he's beautiful haha but with women its like.. every curve, every line, every color, every spot, every "insecurity" she has, i find beautiful.. I got made fun of once at the beach because my right boob is SLIGHTLY (barely even noticeable!) bigger then my left, but it is the "imperfections" that i find to be truly beautiful.
Hello there, and thank you for sharing your feelings with us.

No two women are the same, physically or otherwise, so strictly-speaking, to typify women based solely on similar shapes is to objectify them, and to identify them by those objectifications is to reduce who they are down to that part of their body by which they are being judged. That you feel like an inferior woman because you don't have the same shape as another woman is awful, and there is no way that it can feel good to be subject to that kind of objectification from your own mind.

As our bodies and our minds grow and near to sexual maturity, we begin to associate certain parts of the body as erogenous, or related to sex, because of the stimulation we feel when we identify that touching those parts of the body give us or someone else a sense of sexual stimulation. This is different in different people; some people consider hands to be an erogenous zone. Some people are stimulated by a breath or tongue on their ear, some are not. Some people are aroused by a shapely buttock, some find that area of the body loathsome because it is where we excrete waste. Some people find their neck an erogenous zone, others completely lose their sense of security when their neck is touched, and not sexually aroused by it at all.

I'm certain you see where I am coming from by now. There are hundreds of places on the body and hundreds of methods of stimulation that are related to this discussion, but we will stick to shape.

It is also cultural; "-gender- with a -specified body part- are -good/bad in bed-.". These such objectifications are deeply ingrained, are this is because mass-media took studies of what most people find attractive and marketed those parts of the body as though that is what ALL people find attractive(and by proxy marketed the most popular types of body of their eras as the most desirable, saying that if women want to feel attractive that they should look like the kind of woman who is most popularly considered attractive). There are also men who feel insecure in their sexuality because they don't find physical traits of women attractive they they are told by media and peers that they "should".

Don't judge yourself based on the biased objectifications other people would put off on you, and do not judge your worth based on your body. You are more than your breasts, or any other self place on your body. I assure you that there are people who find your body type attractive. For every body type there is a person who finds them physically appealing.

I hope I have provided a useful perspective for your question. Please keep in contact and never forget that you matter, and you are not alone.
I'm not sure really. I don't really like those words to describe women anyways. And honestly that's not what I look for. I'm either attracted to a girl or not. I'm not really sure what it is that makes me like a girl physically or not. But of course, personality and all that is very important too, and I mean it. The most beautiful girl I have ever known was beautiful for who she was, not just looks. Most girls I have thought of as beautiful was after I had gotten to know them well. I don't call someone beautiful lightly. So don't worry about it too much. If that's all they care about, they aren't worth your time.
If the guys your hanging out with say stuff like that and make you feel bad about how you look they are assholes and you should stop hanging out with them.

Someone is going to come in here with some evo psych bullshit (yes, it is. All evo psych is by it's nature ad hoc conjecture) about fertility and shit, but that's not the problem here. The problem is you have men demeaning you and making you feel inferior based on how you look.

Don't ever tolerate that bullshit from anyone.
It's because that is what the world has glorified. Yes, technically, breasts are just glands used to feed infants and the "rear-end" as you said, is just fat built up. But it's also because of the mystery of it all. Guys do not have have breasts. Also, at a beach, a girl wears a two piece, covering those two parts. There's no need for you to feel inferior. A good guy, will not care and will like you for who you are. Be confident in who you are and you will be happier :)