Why are feminists so hateful?


I seriously liked a feminist page to see if they really weren’t all hateful people, hoping to find some that prove me wrong. Maybe some of them are actually decent human beings. But, it turns out, they have no fucking souls. None of them. The post in this screenshot seriously FUCKING MAKES FUN of suicide victims. I pointed out that I had lost a friend a few years back to suicide, that this was really offensive, and that a simple “not cool” didn’t begin to cover it. Instead of an “I’m sorry this offended you, that wasn’t what we were trying to do”, I got met with a bunch of ad hominem and mob mentality hate from their own hate squad. And then the page admin came around trying to say I can’t be offended because I’m male, and trying to rationalize it to the followers like a textbook fucking sociopath.
I’m just…not okay right now BT.

Link here because BT doesn’t like large images. http://i.imgur.com/vE3FX2B.png

asked April 28, 2015

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Feminists are great.
I'm sorry that you experienced this Argent Warrior, it is truly shocking behaviour for people, feminists or not, to exhibit. The only logical conclusion that I can draw from it is "mob mentality", once a group of people get together with any kind of extremist views, the "egg" each other on to get more and more extreme, til very little is beyond their mocking capability, as long as it is accepted amongst their extremist peers, be damned the rest of the world. Don't be disheartened though, a large number of these people will be nothing more than "keyboard warriors", hiding behind the relative safety of their computer screens, and ignorant enough to think that they can say whatever they want because it either doesn't matter or they can't be identified even if it does matter. Sadly this is mostly true. If you are truly hoping to have feminism and feminist views explained to you, maybe you could go to a workshop, or speak to someone in person. People are usually 1. a lot more civil in person, and 2. you can tell a lot more because you are judging on more than just words but actions, tone and passion too. I hope this helps a little, all the best, TDZ
I'm so sorry those people treated you so cruelly. However, the screenshot you linked is from an MRA page, and I've found MRAs to be nothing but trash.
The sad thing about feminism is that a lot of people (women) use that as a shield of sorts to be hateful and mean towards men. True feminism is nothing like that. That cruel sort of mentality comes with misandry. Feminism, true feminism, is the belief that men and women should be treated equal. Yes, it focuses more on women, but that's because men already have what we're trying to achieve.
Hopefully I've helped clarify some things for you, and I do suggest taking TDZ's advice and seeing if you can get to know some in person. We aren't all terrible, I promise.
Sorry, I need to correct myself. I just glanced at the image and didn't realize it was a page mocking MRAs. Regardless of whether they're trash or not, treating people like that is unacceptable simply because they're a person.
I don't see how that's making fun of suicide victims. It says, "stop impossible macho man measures of success." It means that, for example, saying that men are "wimpy" or "not man enough" for crying or not being stereotypically macho, they're not real men if they don't do such and such. It's saying that if we stop imposing these stereotypes on men, that the suicide rate would likely drop. Men are pressured in society a lot, to look muscular, to be a certain way and when they don't fit that mold, they're bullied. When society says that doing certain job and looking a certain way is the meaning of success for men and, as a man, you don't look that way and don't have that certain job, it can lead to depressive episodes and even suicide because they view themselves as failures because society portrays them as just that. Getting rid of that impossible standard would help. The problem I have with the image is that it seems to make light of domestic violence, which isn't okay. Also, most feminists wouldn't make fun of any sort of violent crime or mental illness. Especially if you get a glimpse into any Inclusive Feminist groups or pages. There are a few wild cards, as with any group/religion/etc. There will always be buttholes in the world.
Being a feminist is not a bad word. I am a feminist and I just want to be treated fairly and equally in a mans world. Your post is filled with the same hate and vitriol that has kept women as second class citizens. I don't hate anyone who is not a feminist but I sure do hate ignorant people.
Some feminists don't fully understand the concepts of feminism. I wouldn't bother with them, but you should know that true feminist aren't hateful people. They want equality between both genders, and that includes fighting for more rights in society for women in order for them to be equal to men in the eyes of, well, everyone. I'm sorry you had to see such hate and I feel terrible, but just know that what you saw wasn't true feminism. I have plenty of family members who are feminist and they just want equality, not hate towards men. Once again, I'm sorry you saw that, but if I were you, I wouldn't outright call feminist people with "no soul" just because of a page with a false look on what feminism is and how they carry it out. :)
Feminism has been infiltrated, infected and the host has mutated into a whole new beast entirely. Most women will say "yeah, sure I'm a feminist" thinking...yeah girl power...I wanna vote, have an abortion, what ever.

The problem is, the small seed of psychotic zealots who are of the school of thought that we should exterminate most men on the planet, keeping only a small amount in work camps for breeding until science allows us to fully extinct them, altering the female's body and dna with drugs over the next 30-50 years to make sure all babies are born female and that eggs can be fertilized with female cells, turned into stem cells, then "male" sperm cells, then implanted in vitro for all births.

Are you fucking terrified yet? regardless of gender, these are the people that have taken over most of the feminist movement. You have to realize that in ANY and ALL movements, politically speaking...if people are just fucking around....the craziest are going to always seize power. Remember kids, Hitler was ELECTED.

I guess what I'm saying, other than feminism is a spiritual STD...is that you should just be egalitarian...no meninism or feminism...but let's seek balance. Most feminist "foot soldiers" that make feminism their career after getting an utterly useless degree in Gender Studies...haha...sorry, but ...fucking...haha... ha...so they become professional victims. They complain about traditional gender roles, but then play the weak and fragile female in need of make protection. Male feminists are just super zeta males, I mean the bottom of the shit barrel....their mating strategy in life is to hopefully kiss enough asses that some drug slut will fuck them after a "slut walk" ...too bad they will then retroactively revoke consent and file false rape accusations on these dipshit losers once the women realise they accidently slept with one of the losers they all keep in the friend zone kennel. Then he goes to prison and gets violently fucked in the ass by Tyrese...and then later by the entire white power gang...this only goes on daily for 4-5 years...but he hangs himself in the first 20 days.

This is one more victory for the radical feminists, the lunatics that will get knocked up randomly and abort all male children until they get a female. I'm not saying all feminists are batshit psycho, having chosen to blame all the worlds problems on men. But enough of them are that I don't think it's wise to label yourself a feminist anymore since it really is a bad word at this point.

At this rate, I'd give it another 5-10 years before saying your a feminist is like saying you're in the KKK or Black Panthers. As the movement gets more radical, the normal people are abandoning ship and the vacuum is being filled with new lunatic recruits that will do ANYTHING for a sense of belonging and purpose....and have decided or have become convinced that everything bad that's every happened to them or all evil in the world itself...it from man.

I don't know, those are just the random thoughts off the top of my head. Which is quite buzzed from just finishing a bottle of white zinfandel. Anyway, PM with any sensitive questions or comments. Or just post your thoughts here. Try to be respectful...or don't, but that's at your own peril. Good day.