Why am I so unmotivated?


Like most people, I have dreams and ambitions for my life. What I want more than anything is to join the police force and I know EXACTLY what I need to do to get there, yet (and I know this sounds pathetic) I really can’t be bothered.

This is the attitude I have had all my life, and I cannot for the life of me change it! It is making me so upset because I know the consequences of laziness and giving up, yet it is not enough to sway me away from them.

I am currently doing my A levels, and once I have these, my life will open up and everything will be 100x easier, yet once a-fucking-gain I can’t even get through this.

I have tried taking up a hobby, but my unmotivated can’t be bothered nature kicked in and that was scrapped, I tried exercising but ditto, I tried actually doing work, but you guessed it, ditto.

There are moments in the day when everything clicks in place, and my determination to do well reappears and I work hard. But this lasts for about 5 mins before I go back to my old self.

I really don’t want to screw my life up, yet nothing motivates me not to do so.

Does anybody have any advice about getting more motivated, or at least about getting through college when I really feel sick at the thought of it. I need to be there, I know that, but my stupid mind won’t react to this need.

Thank you :)

Category: asked January 13, 2015

1 Answer

From the sounds of it, it appears that you have a not-so-uncommon mood disorder called dysthymia (or mild depression).Check the following link to read all about it and see how many of the symptoms apply to you: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dysthymia.A characteristic trait of dysthymia is the constant lack of motivation you mentioned in your post; the "not bothering with the consequences of my inactions" mood you speak about.You should try to get professional help on this issue, as it is not likely that you will just be able to "snap out of it", but on the contrary, when you start suffering the consequences of your inactions, you might fall into a blown-out depression.Good luck.