Why am I so angry?


I just feel so angry all the time. I get irritated at the smallest things. Am so tired of always being angry and I feel horrible because like If my dad just says something like ‘hi’ I get angry. What am I supposed to do? How can I stop?

asked December 16, 2014

2 Answers

Maybe you have things bottled up inside of you that cause this anger. You can try to do something like boxing for example. That way you can let all that anger out, without hurting someone.
You could just want to be left alone or a multitude of other things, but one possible explanation could be depression. There are a lot of misconceptions about depression. Two important things to know about depression is that a lot of people who have it aren't depressed about something in particular, they're just depressed. Another things is that especially in teenagers and men, depression can show as anger. It could be something else, but it could be depression. If you have the ability to, I'd talk to a doctor. If not, I've found that self-reflection helps a lot. Just sitting or lying down and thinking can help you realize things about yourself and other people than you would think.