Why am I scared of people?


I have a feeling I am scared of people…I know I have social anxiety. Everyday is a struggle because everyday there are people around me. When I go to school I fear presentations. When I get on the public bus I don’t want to pay with passes because I feel I cant swipe the card and everyone will look at me. For school I know I have to take communication classes for my majors, and I feel I will not be able to take them. For a job I am scared, even for a night job because of having to punch in. I remember when I did have a job how nervous I would get when all the coworkers were in the punch room. One day after taking a test I walked quickly out of the classroom and just kept walking, I didnt know how I left campus and ended up at the mall. It’s like I blacked out. The only thing I did know is I almost got ran over because I didnt pay attention to the red light and began to cross. All I saw was my panic attack, it remains blurry. You see, I know my fear is irrational, but my body says another thing and it’s just one big battle. I dont know what to do. I dont want to hold back on things. Ive had no support…from anywhere.

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1 Answer

Something is frightening you to the point of entering a fugue state. Your mind has identified a threat and in order to protect itself, you enter a temporary state of oblivion to prevent having to confront it.

Fugue states can persist for hours, days, even weeks. The mind persists the fugue states until it is satisfied that the threat has abated. For you, you retreat somewhere that is deeply psychologically safe. (The mall)

Whatever frightened you, your mind has buried it under the extreme "flight" option in the "fight or flight" response to a perceived threat.

That is the full scope of information that can be provided by a peer counseling platform concerning your condition. Even this much is speculative, as certain conditions can mimic a fugue state. It is imperative that you consult your physician and arrange a psychological evaluation.

I do not mean to place any undue stress on your shoulders, but one of these fugue-like states could get you or someone else killed. Do not put it off. There is no telling what could trigger your next episode. Please, for your sake, go get evaluated as soon as is humanly possible.