Why am I opening up to people who don’t care?


I know its a little hard to answer, but everyday I try and talk to people everywhere I go, online and in real life, Nobody is interested, I don’t get replies to comments even if i reply to someone. People ignore me everywhere I go, i feel like a ghost. Its the opposite of what i was though. Hated and beaten up, but even that was better, bringing home broken bones and blood stains, now I just bring home nothing, and noone knows. Maybe I died one day and didn’t know it? Maybe i was kicked in the throat or choked on my own blood. I’d relive that day 1000 times if It meant that I had a life and people knew i was there, and when i was missing. I might as well be dead.

Category: Tags: asked July 19, 2014

1 Answer

HEY. no no no. People care. They do. :/ You havent died you are just hitting a down spell. It'll will work out. And you can always vent. You are HERE. I see you. and I know you must be feeling like crap but YOU are a person that deserve love and affection and friends. It will happen. Till then enjoy yourself. Then share yourself with people. <3