Why am I emotionless


I cant feel any emotions at all, excluding being content and the occasional depression(which i have explained in another post) People just assume im happy and thats what i tell them, but honestly i dont know what i feel. When people come to me for their problems when they are extremely sad, they expect me to do something or give advice. i can literally only tell them to fuck it and forget about it.(this is the only way i have dealt with problems) and when people try to have any sort of physical affection with me my mind just blanks and i just do nothing in response to it.

PS: i explained this terribly, but the jist of this is that i almost never feel emotion and its always at the worst times. I want to know if there is something wrong with me.

Tags: asked September 23, 2014

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I don't know if I can give you an advice, but maybe telling you a part of my story might help you. I'm your opposite. Completely. Since I was a kid I was really sensible. I just enjoyed being so emotional, and at a some point I thought it was too much. So when I entered middle school, I wanted to change: I became pessimist, always gloomy, and without friends, not because there weren't any, but more because I wanted to be alone. And you know what? I enjoyed that time too. I soon realized that I didn't change, what I did was only trying different emotions and feelings, and in high school I was certain of it. There were a lot of times when my mind or my body didn't want to feel what it's supposed to feel, like joy or anger, so I maximize purposely a feeling to feel it. I love emotions, I love feelings, maybe I'm a little weird, but I think that from an act you can gradually make it become your personal emotion.

Another thing that makes me enjoy more of these feelings is thinking about impossible or absurd situations, for example, I thought that a bunch of doctors told me that I'm crazy, and they wanted to close me in a hospital, then I rushed away from it and I realized how people see me, and how I actually feel with those clothes in front of them: like a crazy. Or I find myself in the middle of a shooting, and I try to act like a heroine to save the people around me. Or more, I think of being kidnapped and the thousands of possibilities in that situation.

It seems absurd, but these thoughts gives you hints about what you feel, how to feel that emotion, and sometimes how to act in front of different situations, but made of the same kind.

I was really dispersive, and I'm sorry for this, but if it can give you a help, then I'm glad. :)

I think you had a certain experience that made you this way, hadn't you?
I was maybe emotionless at some point in my life because I turned cynical. Do you think that's the case?You don't really mention wanting to find a way to feel emotions again. If you do want to feel something again, there's one thing I did that really helped me develop stronger and more varied emotions.I used to imagine hugging someone who was dying of a certain disease or illness. The details varied every time, but I made sure to picture the other person vividly as he was about to die and I gave him a long hug... he was about to leave this world and I was the last person he'd ever see, touch, hear. And I'd hug him until I eventually did feel something. Pity, sorrow, whatever.