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For the past few months there has been problems between my ex and me. In the beginning we broke up because she cheated on me by kissing one of our friends. The way I found out is, because I was pissed at her for something that our friend told me about (The same friend my ex kissed) , about my ex flirting with people around our school. I had told my ex we needed to talk but I wouldn’t tell her what about I’d just say “You will see” or “You will find out”, The she just confesses I guess because she couldn’t figure out what I was mad about and she thought I knew so she told me, I go to my friend that she kissed and she confirms that yes they did kiss and sorry that she didn’t tell me before she was just scared to, she says it ways more than a little peck , My ex says it was just a peck. and also the next day they went to coma con and our friend said my ex was all up on her. What should I do? Who should I believe?
In our relationship I wasn’t sure of anything. this all happened this summer and me and my ex have had problems ever since the beginning of 8th grade.
one of our problems were she would break up with me and then take me back and I would fall for her little act but then I felt like I was some fucking toy and she wanted to see how many times she could get me back but she breaks up with me , next thing hear she is dating some guy but to this day she swears she wasn’t but once she told me that they did date and she broke up with him because he smothered her so that;s just one. then if we were still together we would argue all the time. I just need to talk to someone pls..I don’t wanna feel this way any more. Anyone?

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You ever heard of that saying "if there's no trust there's no us?" Well in your situation, that's the case and answer. You deserve to be with someone who won't play any games of no sort. Life is too short to be around toxic vibes and people. I would suggest removing yourself from her, focus on school and your real friends and go from there. Good luck!

If you can't trust your girlfriend, then you've already decided.

People are far more complicated than this, but the analogy might help. You drive to class, but your car is constantly breaking down. There are things you like about the car, and you've spent a lot of time driving it. You have money saved up. You can either replace the car, or not know if you're gonna make it to class every day.

If you like the uncertainty (which it sounds like you don't), then stay with her. Otherwise, you'll never know if you're going to be happy or not. Did that help?