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Which side? HELP!!!


So I am a young teenager who lives with my mom. I talk to my dad about once a week and we got on the topic of when I was going with him over the summer. He said can I talk to your mom.

They talked for about 5 minutes and my mom kept saying it’s her choice it’s her choice.

I talked to him and he said that he would come up to see my performances for choir. But since his work won’t let him take anymore days off we would have to leave on Saturday leaving the last two days of school… Those says are the last days to spend with my friends who are more than friends I can’t even classify them as besties there so much more than that. I don’t want to tell them but I don’t want to break my dads heart. Either way mine is still going to be broken. I’m crying writing this because it means so much to me.

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Don't break your dad's heart. Go with him for the summer. Let your friends know, and after the summer you can see them again. Just be honest. I understand that you're in a tough position and divorce really sucks, but keeping secrets from your dad or your friends will just make things worse. You'll see your friends again. You had all year to hang out with them, and now it's time for you to spend time with your dad. Stay strong. You are lucky to have such caring parents and friends. It'll be alright.