Which one?


So there two guys
One I like a lot he’s got brown hair, green eyes, shy, sweet my friends love him and they think he likes me. They even have a ship name for us! It’s weird…
The second well he’s really sweet and easy to talk ( I don’t like him.) to there’s just this one thing. My friends hate his guts and if we dated they would constantly complain. And I know some comments will say “they aren’t your true friends” but I believe they are. Anyways I’m left with a decision of happy or happily hidden. I’m so confused

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2 Answers

See quote: "If you find yourself falling in love with two people pick the second one. If you loved the first you would have never started falling in love with the second." - Johnny Depp.
Well, Firstly, you say that you don't like the second guy. So why start dating him? Especially when you're interested in a different guy already. Secondly, I'm not going to tell you that these people aren't your true friends for disliking guy #2. But, although they dislike him, that doesn't mean they have a say in who you hang out with or talk to. They could easily just be worried that you'll start dating him instead of guy #1, who they clearly love the thought of you with. Either way, talk to the second guy and be friends with him if it makes you happy, and if you have a chance at being together with the first guy who you really like, go for it. :)