Which major should I pick?


Hiiii guys! I’m really confused about my university major. I’m gonna graduate on summer ’17 and I thought it’d be great if I can figure out my education life from now?
So last year, I’m soooo interested in International Relations since I like international world. But I don’t really like politics + I’m not that up-to date when it comes to international issues. That’s one thing.
And then later, I found myself feeling so obsessed over bussiness major. Because my parents hold their own bussiness and I know that it feels so nice.
But, nowadays, I really want to study psych (forensics for the Magister program), and my friends said that I am such a good listener and I can give some good solutions.
Aside from that, criminology has been hunting my mind since summer. I love crime movies that involve spy, international crimes, and crime itself.
Here’s a quick review about my personality: I am INTP, I’m shy af when you first know me but I’m chill and very outgoing as well. I don’t really like huge crowds and I always find it hard to be good at public speaking.
Do you guys have any idea? Thank you!!!

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3 Answers

You should major in apologetics, its really fun
Dear Maddie, Your Major should be determined by what you want to do in life. What job do you want to hold. Were do you want to get in life. That is what your Major should be. Always remember that no job will ever be easy. Nothing comes easy. It all matters how much effort you put in to it. Let me know if you have any other questions I can answer for you.Collin Leck
If you're shy forget about International Relations. It will make you do alot of speaking in front of people. About business, are you sure you actually want it for you or to please your parents? Consider that too. About psych forensics and criminology... you really have to be good at it. The thing is, I think you're way too confused. You're considering totally different areas that require different skills. When you go into college into a degree they have certain expectations from you. So you have to make sure what you truly like BUT also at what you are good at. For example if you aren't good at speaking in public , don't go to international relationships like I said. I hope I could help. Always remember, choose with your heart and pick with your mind. I wish you the best of luck!