Which college is better??


I’m looking into going back to college and I’m looking at these options. DeVry University, University of Phoenix, or Greenriver community college.I want to go to school for accounting, business, or computer IT. I really can’t decide which college is better so any advice would help a lot. Thank you!

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3 Answers

A local community college is far more affordable and personable compared to online classes, which can be difficult for a first year student. I really suggest in looking into the community college, I go to one and it's a really great foundation. It looks like Green River offers programs in IT and Accounting, so you're in luck! What ever one you choose, be proud of yourself for taking the initiative to continue your education!
Personally, I am currently working towards a degree through an online University. While there are some that don't allow for "networking" or "association" that really comes down to how active you are or are not. Southern New Hampshire University offers great programs for both of these things while you are working on your degree, but just like on an actual campus (which I have also experienced) you have to be willing to take the time and effort to get involved. While there are employers who will not look at an online University as a source of "higher education" the same can be said for many on campus Colleges and Universities. The best thing for you to do in figuring out which one you want to attend would be to look at the success rate of those hired after graduation in the field you want to be in, then call around to the companies you want to work for and see what they think of each University. Most companies would be more then happy to tell you what they think of a particular school in regards to education. Having attended both a Community College and and Online University, my biggest piece of advice would be to keep in mind the extra dedication it takes to complete an online program...if you aren't self-motivated then and online program is just setting yourself up for failure. If you are self-motivated then it can be great for a flexible schedule from work to travel. Best of luck in your hunt, your decision, and your education!
Were you planning to do classes online with DeVry and Phoenix? It is my opinion that almost any college is better than trying to get a degree online. Green River looks good. If those are your only choices, I'd go with Green River for sure.