Where is the boundary?


I have been with my girlfriend for over a year. We’re pretty serious about each other. I love her to death. However, lately, this other girl seems to be popping up in my mind. I met her in a college class, and she acts very flirtatious towards me. I find that I’m kind of attracted towards her. I would never do anything unfaithful, but her, I, and some other kids in my class want to get together on campus. Is it a bad idea to pursue a friendship with her? Is it unfaithful? She has a boyfriend as well, but he goes to a different college.

Category: asked September 20, 2013

4 Answers

It should be fine if you two are just going to be friends, so I'd say go for it. But if things seem to go a bit farther - be frank with her, tell her that you're seeing someone else. She might be having some problems with her boyfriend which make her want to have a break with him - possibly with another guy.For the sake of both your girlfriend and this other girl's boyfriend, don't cheat. Consider dating her if your current relationship stops working, but just don't cheat.
Agree with what the other two said. I would also add (though this should be obvious) if you feel attracted to her even a little bit, I would advise NOT getting drunk around her unless you have a close friend with you who knows the situation and can stop you from doing something you might regret later. Remember, no matter how noble your intentions, alcohol can screw them up.
If you decide to hang out with her, DO NOT BE ALONE. You have good intentions at heart, and she may just be naturally flirty, but don't risk it. Make sure there is always at least one other person with you. It's ok to be attracted to other people, it's if you move on those feelings that it becomes a problem.
It is a very bad idea to pursue a friendship with her. You will probably find yourself naturally flirting back and forth and that would be considered unfaithful. You said you are attracted to her, so STOP now before you make a mistake that costs you your relationship. Girls are very jealous and we find out about everything