Where can I find a life coach?


I can get depressed at times, but I feel like I at least know the way out. I struggle sometimes with motivating myself to do what I think I should and sticking to who I know I am, and I’ve found that the most helpful thing is having someone who genuinely cares and is genuinely interested in me, my life and my progress to help talk me out of depression/laziness and help me see the bigger picture. People like that are hard to come by. Any ideas on how to find them?

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2 Answers

A life coach is not just a cheerleader or a muse. They are closer to a Drill Sergeant. When you hire a life coach, you are agreeing that that person has every right to boss you out of your slumps.

I looked into becoming a life coach. Many LCs are registered on Care.com and are licensed caregivers. They can be gentle and compassionate, inspiring you with friendship and camaraderie, and they can turn up the het and become personal trainers from hell. It is up to the client and the LC to decide on the contract terms.

A quick Google search will give you a list of local LCs.
Sometimes at some stage of life it becomes important to have a life coach to gain a confidant, mentor and motivator.A life coach help you to build some future idea and a step-by-step procedure to achieve those goals.I have searched online and come across a site http://www.lifecoach.com.