When will the pain stop?


I’m starting to get tired of life. I’ve been suffering from heart break, loneliness, depression, family, financial, personal problems, being friendless (all my friends have ditched me) and suicidal thoughts. I’ve even considered suicide because things just get worse in time. I keep praying to God, and trying my best to move on but those things never seem working. When will all the pain and hurting stop? Or will they ever stop? Any advice please. :(

Category: Tags: asked August 11, 2014

1 Answer

The pain will stop when you decide. Life is a constant flow of fortunes and misfortunes and fixating on the bad side of life makes you only feel pain. There is always good in the bad so as an exercise try to list the good things of the bad things. Eg. I was raped, but it has made me a stronger person and I have now a wider point of view of the world we live in. They killed my grandad, but I had a new experience that I know everyone needs to go through somehow and I learnt that most people that hurt, normally they don't know they are actually hurting someone. Praying to god and moving on is not going to help. You need to always have a positive mindset to face adversity the best you can and always remember, you don't have the control of life in absolutely anything except of being positive. It does get better believe me. Best wishes :)