When did this site…


when did this site became so full of trolls? Lol

In 2013 I used to come to this site because I was passing for a bad phase and I didn’t have anyone to talk about it. Now, I’m fine and I’ve come to this site to help others since they kind helped me when I needed but now this site is full of trolls and people asking age/gender for a dirty talk. I’m confused xD

More than like 20 guys asked me how old I was and if I wanted to talk about sex stuff, I mean WTF some people seem to confuse this site with omegle or tinder

and some people also are trolling sending spam and some even create some histories. Like I was really trying to help a girl, I heard everything that she said and I was really trying to think about anything that could help her but in the end she said that she was just trolling because she was bored and had nothing else to do so she came to this site, like wtf???

Is this a new thing or what? When did people become so strange here? Lol I thought that the puprose of this site was helping

Category: asked February 10, 2015

4 Answers

This is a site for public help from strangers. The key word being public. Did you really expect a free chatroom on the internet not to have any trolls? To be honest I'm surprised there aren't more trolls. As this site gets more and more popular that number will increase. Before, the only people that found this site were those who were really looking for it. Eventually word will spread and a lot of immature people will be on here. At that point there definitely will need to be more moderation.
I would defiantly report the offenders. I have the same problems with the venters too. I do want to reiterate that it is public, so this can happen, but if you really can't deal with it any more, e-mail BlahTheraphy about this issue and a recommended solution. I'm sorry that this is happening, don't list your gender and good luck.
I agree with silent radiance, things on the web that are free on the web and can be used anonymously, can attract both scammers and trolls. But there are people on this site who really do care and are willing to help, even when it seems like there are many trolls and scammers. Hopefully, the creators or someone who manages this site will increase their number of moderators or the moderation soon before it does get out of hand.
I'm with Nienor Niniel, I can't stand all these .php ads. They need to at least start a capatcha to start an account. Sure they can be bypassed, but at least only the clever programmers can bypass it.