What’s your dream and how will you reach it?


One of the most important parts of life is figuring out the thing(s) that we are truly passionate about and finding ways to embrace them.

My dream is to become an amazing teacher who kids know they can trust and learn from.

What’s your dream? And how can we help each other make them a reality?

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3 Answers

My dream is one inspired by Charlie Chaplin in his movie the great dictator. Far too many people are content to live by each others misery; I want to live by their happiness. Anything that brings me there is my goal....though I'd love to be a psychologist.
@rexual, don't give up on that dream. Honestly, Anything is possible, though sometimes it seems unlikely. Honestly though, I think your prior statement is a beautiful and achievable aspiration that you will [email protected], I love your answer. You are a unique individual and I think it's wonderful. As far as being a psychologist goes, well you're on the right site for practice :)
my dream is to become and artist and to create/illustrate comic books