whats wrong with this guy at school?


so we have this guy from 11th grade (im 12th grade btw) and he is so wired!

i was out at recess and i saw a fight going on between him and some other kid and it was because the other kid was making kiss noises to him and he got angry and ran right at him hitting him it was one of the wirest fights i ever seen

so i talked to him and he doesnt seem normal he has his eyes wide open and looking in the floor when i talk to him he says a couple wired stuff that i cant explain

and i ones saw him looking in a tiny hole and the teacher asked him why he was looking and he ran!

and he walks and runs so wired he’s just plain out wired!!! and i cant tell what the hack is his story?

does he suffer from Retardation?

asked March 8, 2015

6 Answers

He might have mental retardation. He might not. His behavior sounds odd, but there really is not enough evidence here to be sure.

Look, blahtherapy is for people who are going through tough challenges in life, and need someone to talk to.
It's not here for ranting about other people's mental and social quirks and/or disabilities.
You can get together with the bullies at your school and do it with them.
You don't need to call him out like that. Everyone is different, and he might be suffering from mental illness.
It's called aspergers, and it's "weird" not "wired"
Its could be asbergers syndrom or another form of autism that just makes him diferent
There is nothing wrong with him. he probably just has a illness like Y Z N said, but you shouldn't call him weird, it is not his fault.
lol lot of thumbs down i wonder how i cant delete this qustion all i wanted to know what was up with the guy i never bothered or anything all i wanted to know what was wrong with him and when i asked a few people that i dont know in school from his class they tolled me he does have autism that explains iti didnt mean to sound like a total dick all i wanted to know what was wrong with him even if you saw him and didnt know he had asburgers then you would also agree that he was an odd person cause he's from 11th grade and he acts like his in 1st grade