What’s wrong with my eye!?


Hello, anxious stupid girl here again with another dumb question!

What the heck is up with my eye?
Here’s a picture of it:



I’m honestly really scared and i won’t go to sleep until I get an explanation. I’ve never had this thing before, this is so weird!

The only clue for me is that I’m really tired and my eyes hurt…is this serious? Have any of you had this?
I’ve never had this before!!!!

Please help before my panic button gets pushed again…

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5 Answers

It looks like a pink eye. :) don't worry about it okay, I am 99.9% sure that it could be a harmless irritation.
Use some eye drops to soothe your eye. If your condition worsens, see your doctor.
could be pink eye but it doesnt look like it. maybe just dry eyes.
Could possibly be pink eye, but like others said, it doesn't look like it. If you have allergies, that could be it as well. Some people's eyes also get like that if they didn't sleep well or were straining their eyes, they get irritated. :)
I have allergies, so my eyes look like that or worse constantly from being dry and itchy. Being tired and staring at a computer will definitely have the same effect. Get some rest and don't be too shocked if they're a little more red/bloodshot in the morning, it'll fade through the day.