What’s wrong with me? (Edited)


Ok so I’ve posted a question like this before but now I remembered wayy more problems I’m having.. I’m basically gonna write down my problems because I’m wondering what could be wrong with me and if I need help.

So here’s a list of all my weird mental problems:

- Worrying about everything constantly, have problems with controlling it.

- I have a lot of “what if” thoughts and worries, and sometimes they just drive me crazy and make me really stressed!

- Sometimes my heart starts beating fast and really hard, and I start breathing really heavily, it dosen’t last long, maybe like 10-15 minutes. It comes out of

- I start to panic when I talk in front of other people, when the teacher asks me to say an answer to a question my heart starts beating so fast and I start sweating and I become really anxious.

- I’m really worried of what others think of me, I can’t tell my honest opinion in a conversation because I fear being judged.

- Some days I don’t feel interested in living at all, and just depressed all day.

- I’ve had suicidal thoughts, like a lot of them. They don’t really bother me since I’ve had them for a while but still..! For example, if I see a cliff, I think: “I should
jump off that cliff” or when I see a car coming closer while I’m crossing the road I think: “I wanna be hit by that car”…

- I have a voice in my head telling me to do things. I don’t really hear it, but I know it’s not my mental voice but I can’t control it! It’s like some sort of intrusive thought. Here’s an example of what it says: “If you don’t fix that tilted frame in 10 seconds, your mom is gonna die!” And of course I do what it says because the worst thing that could happen is my mom dying!!

- The voice in my head tends to make my fears into threats, I’m always worried about my mom, so it always says “Do that or your mom is gonna die!”

- I have weird anxiety obsessions, like if I see a spider somewhere and then kill it and all, I start obsessing and thinking: “What if there’s another spider here, or
maybe a whole spider estate!!!” (if that’s what it’s called) And then I just obsess over it and get anxious and feel really paranoid.

- Sometimes I get random and weird urges to do dangerous things, like throwing myself off a cliff, stabbing myself..But sometimes the urges are really weird like
tapping something or picking something up and putting it down again, touch someone’s hair, insult a friend..Etc.

- I get weird thoughts and images in my head that I can’t get rid of, (intrusive thoughts) And they’re so sick and horrible I can’t even describe them without
wanting to cry!

- I have this symmetry thing in my body..Like when I touch something with my left hand I have to do it with my right hand! Like if I turn off a light switch with
my left I have to tap it with my right!

- I feel really uncomfortable closing my eyes at night most of the times, because I’m always scared something or someone is gonna come and kill me! Like a
monster or something..I know this is stupid..But yeah.

- Sometimes I feel really paranoid for no reason.

- I always overanalyze things and people! For example if I meet someone online and they want to talk on Kik, I ALWAYS ask THEM to give their Kik so I can
analyze their name, picture..Just to make sure their not some creepy rapists..

- I’m always getting some different feelings..You know how when you travel somewhere or move to another country/house you feel really different, like a really new feeling? Yeah I feel like this thing is always changing for me. It used to be really bad and those “feelings” changed like every week but now it’s maybe every 3 weeks or 2 weeks. Like maybe this Monday I have this feeling but next Monday I have a completely different feeling! This is really annoying.

- I’m always complaining.. And once I’ve started I can’t stop. Like I get into this depressed mode just out of nowhere and start complaining about my life and
everything. I’ve lost a lot of friendships because of this..

And that’s it. I was just wondering if those are something serious or just my teenage hormones. Most of the problems don’t bug me THAT much but sometimes they kinda ruin my day.
So anyway my guesses are anxiety and OCD.
Am I wrong?
Is this serious?
Is there something serious wrong with me??
I’ve been having these problems for a while.Thanks if you read all of this.

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2 Answers

We're actually quite alike and suffering those you've stated before. I was diagnozed with schizophrenia and depression and anxiety. You probably have them too.if you're comfortable of the thought of it, you should tell your parents or a professional so you could get help
No one here is a professional, you should really go and get tested to find out with certainty if you have a disorder or multiple so you can start with treatment and getting better.