Music reducing kinky thoughts?


Ok so maybe some of you know that I’m a kinky person but I’m planning to stop being kinky. And the thing that helps reduce the thoughts is this one type of music, it’s mostly remixes or songs with high pitched sounds, here are some examples:

Takata by Tacabro –
Maps by Maroon 5 –
Louder by Lea Michele –

And I’m just wondering.. Is this weird!?….:(
When I hear this type of music when I’m aroused in a kinky way I just suddenly want to escape from everything and be free and sometimes I just wanna cry because I had those thoughts. But it really helps shut down those masochist thoughts, so is this weird? Am I like crazy? I’ve had this thing for a long time…Is this just some glitch in my brain? xD Does my brain just have a weird reaction to this? :/ I’m pretty scared.

Category: asked December 3, 2014

5 Answers

I think you need to define kinky thoughts. It's ok to be yourself if there is no danger to you or anyone else
That music simply isn't compatible with your sexual mood. It isn't odd at all. Music very much affects mood which affects thinking, the music isn't magical.

•It Is Okay To Be Kinky:

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•The very great Laci Green talks about kinky sex here in this youtube video:

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