whats wrong with being lazy?


Whenever I relax or use my computer, my mom calls me lazy because I don’t clean the whole house. By the way I do clean the house ( not an excuse if you think) and I’m trying to relax by using the computer. The truth is I am tired of cleaning after my brother who doesn’t help clean at all. They make me look bad and guilty for not cleaning the house. I don’t want to spend my life scrubbing dishes to please them

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Category: asked September 7, 2014

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I feel like a balanced lifestyle has a bit of time for everything. A time for work and a time for play. Personally, I dig being lazy after a long day. I try to balance it with doing work around the house and getting exercise, but your batteries need to be recharged as well. Providing you're doing what you're supposed to do, I say you should be taking a break as well.
Nothing is wrong really. Just observe what silly rituals peoples do, just because. Western culture has this shame thing to keep you busy all the time, and busy people can't think straight and are easier to control. Plato said leisure is essential to wisdom. Or take Descartes for example. He was in bed every day till noon. People want you to work and consume,work and consume till you die. Here is one song for you.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Vs9rpA6bcE
More importantly I'd ask "What is wrong with being messy?" It doesn't sound like you are lazy to me. I do wonder why your mom thinks the cleanness of a house is worth insulting you and hurting your feelings. It seems petty and destructive to me.
Two sides to this: 1. Screw your mother and her expectations, screw your brother and his invasive messiness. If you HONESTLY feel as though you do your fair part around the house, do whatever the hell you want with your free time.
2. Openly communicate with your mother about why she feels this way. Tell her your side of the story with every detail. Do not use accusatory language. Ask her what causes her to feel the way she does, and what you can do to help her. Remind her that you can't do everything; you aren't Superman. Do not let it escalate into an argument. If things get heated, keep your voice down and your emotions in check. Stay aware of the difference between fighting and sharing differences in ideals.
Remember that you love your mother and your brother, and that they love you too. If you let it, things only get better as you get older.
Look, being lazy in reality is very bad and unhealthy for you. Now your question states, "what's wrong with being lazy?" Plenty of things wrong with lazy, lazy won't get you a job, lazy won't get you good grades, lazy gives you that reputation that people won't like or rely on you for anything. If you're up and moving around everyday and staying productive it will pay off. You won't have to come up with an excuse or anything irrelevant for an choice of explanation when called lazy or blamed for your siblings. Depending on your age, it would tell us a lot because as you get older, you will have more responsibilities. Kids/siblings will do what they no matter what and that's normal but until they're old enough to know right from wrong then it's all on you at the moment my friend. I hoped my response helped!
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