What’s the Secret Ingredient to Friendship?


I have zero real life friends and one online friend I met on Playstation. I’ve lived the last 9 years of my life without any consistent friends. Sure I’ve met a few acquaintances and made a few good relationships, but I have not been able to hold onto a friend for longer than 1 year. People usually get bored of me or end up hating me for some reason. It’s been so long since I’ve had a friendship that I wouldnt even recognize one right in front of me. All my life I’ve battled to gain acceptance and yet I remain an outcast. I just dont know what it takes to make friends anymore. And without people in my life, my life is meaningless. When I put my life into perspective I see my funeral and only a few close family members in attendance. So what’s the secret to making and keeping friends? If I can make some maybe i can visualize my life in a better perspective.

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2 Answers

There's no secret really. To me a true friend is the one who is always beside you no matter what. Even if they barely see each other, they'll still friends, they'll still help each other. Also I personally despise those "friends" who just talk about themselves and always have excuses not to go out. What I'm kinda trying to say here you have to be selective in your friends. Maybe you're just picking the wrong people
Common interests and mutual respect does it for me.