Whats the point in life?


Is there really any point to life? I cant see any point. I have no one and my life is slowly just slipping away, I feel out of control of everything. Life is so tough, whats the point in pushing through all of these hard times just for it to end eventually anyway? Life just seems so empty

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Good point you're bringing up here. Life starts to end when it begins and when you die ultimately nothing matters. Humanity itself is temporal. However, with this being said there is a level of beauty involved. When you think that there is nothing then you can start to see there is everything. Take a bowl for example. There is nothing in the bowl. One could argue since the bowl is holding nothing, it is not serving a purpose. Though when you take the time to consider that the nothingness in the bowl is what makes the bowl useful you can start to see the relevence of not having a purpose in life. Since the purpose is void, you can essentially fill it with whatever you'd like much like the bowl. You create the purpose and drive without restriction. It is the reason I decided to take the path to becoming a doctor. Previously the idea of going into debt was considered a bad idea. Having a career at 35 instead of 24 like everyone else was also a bad idea. These were bad ideas because I held at the time that there was a specific purpose and reason behind what I was suppose to do and accomplish in this life. Without the meaning and purpose I was able to manifest my own meaning and purpose that I can change at will. I hope this helped a little and if nothing else gave you something to think about.
The point of life is to simply live it.Life is beautiful, and fascinating, and full of amazing wonders and miracles.The point is to enjoy that.Don't let your tough times and sadness outweigh the amazing things around you. Go for a walk. Take a notebook with you, and write down everything you see, but write it in detail. The birds, trees, flowers, people; they're all incredibly fascinating and wonderful, and you just need to remember that. You're problems and emptiness are specs of sand in an ocean full of beautiful things. You have so much to enjoy and learn and appreciate. That's why you're here. To experience all this.