What’s the best way to let a boy know you’re interested?


I want him to know that if he likes me I’d be interested on going on a date or two. Thanks:)

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7 Answers

Djroomba's advice is interesting and we should all try it haha
I think that you should just approach him like you approach anyone who you want to be your friend. Let it happen naturally. If he still doesn't get it, then it's not your fault anymore. Move on and look for somebody else.
So im assuming taking a direct approach is out of the question. Let's see what we can do. One method of checking to see if he likes you is to ask im to hang out with you, or have him help you with his homework. This one should be obvious to him if you act a certain way around him. There are subtle clues women give off when talking to a man with their body language. If yall are ever making small talk, do these things during conversation: play with your hair, like twirling it with the tip of your triggr finger, when youre sitting down, face the lower half of your body and your shoulders towards him. Laugh at his stupid corny jokes even though if they are not funny. Show your neck to him. Touch him softly on the arm when he says something silly, or playfully hit him. If you have your legs crossed, point your leg that is on top of the other one towards him. Keep in mind, all these body language movements are done subconsciously, so you might not be aware that you are doing it until you realize it. Depending how smart he is, he should pick up on the signals and go in for the kill. Hopefully if hes smart enough to read a woman. If he doesnt make a move after all the hinting, then you have your answer. Oh, and watch how he stares at you. You can tell a lot by the way a man stares at you.look for, "the look".
The direct approach is never out of the question. Communicating with the opposite sex is no different than communicating with your friends. It is paramount to remember that the person you are interested in is also a human being, so talk to them like they are a human being. Strike up a conversation, swallow the hesitation and tell them.
Are you serious dude? Communicating with the oppisite sex when you like one particular one is nerve wracking and being direct is not how a womans mind operates. Women want guys to make the first move becausecthey don't want to feel vulnerable. Being a man is about taking risks. That's a trait of confidence and womenlove it.
If you know the guy, then perhaps you could mention doing something social, in public. Have a conversation and establish some similar interests! If you have never spoken to him, then introducing yourself would definitely be a good first step. Or maybe get a friend of his or a friend of yours to introduce you! The WORST that can happen is he says no, and I promise that that will not kill you.
attack him and kiss his face. usually works. youre a hot mama
honestly boys don't pick up on "subtle hints", or "body language" if you really want him to know just tell him.