Whats the best way to get over a break up?


i got out of a relationship about a month and a half ago i was with him for about three years and i don’t want to do anything other then sleep cry and drink myself into oblivion i can’t shake the sadness and Ive begun failing my classes this can’t last..

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Hello there, darling. Ive been in the same sitution. I've loved my ex with all my heart, gave him my trust and everything, but still he lied and betrayed me. It was hard to move on, everyday was hell for me. Even in my dreams, he is always in sight. I go to sleep and wake up with the break up still hunting me. Ive been having delusions and ive been often day dreaming about him. It was like my heart and mind couldnt just let him go, even if I really need to face the truth and accept that He lied and we will never be back. You know what's funny? Even if he did me wrong, id still love him. Even if he's manipulating nd controlling me, id still love him. Even if his love is just a lie, still I would love him, unconditionally. It was madness. even if he's a traitor, a deceiver. I still have the thoughts of getting him back. Pityful,cruel love. And i know that with this kind of love that I can give. I deserve someone who can love me like My love. I know i dont deserve the pain that I was feeling That day. And so that gave me the motivation to finally, move on. I admit,it wasn't easy, it was a step by step process. It was hard, everyday was a challenge, it makes me wanna go back to him , but I decided enough is enough. No more of this so called-"love" , I'm going. He even tried to get back with me, but I refused. I knew. I deserve better. And i know it was a brave decision. The best way to get over it? First stop the stalking him, it needs to stop. No, you don't need to know what ever he's doing now, who's he dating and who's he with. You need to break that habit, because it isn't healthy. Second, get a new environment. Go somewhere peaceful, go to the beach, or have some fun. As long as you know, it will help you get your mind off of him. Go there. Buy things that will remind you that you're "still in the process of moving on " These things will give you an extra push.Cry about it, confide about It, curse about it. Let it all out! you need to let the tears aid your heart. Then, accept the fact that it is now over and you really need to get going then, I always suggest this, right down the things you've learned from this relationship. Whether it's depending too much or loving too much, point it out and remember it. Love is fascinating. If it doesn't give you what you want , it gives you lessons to learnThen i know oneday, you'll be okay again, you'll be happy again, you'll love again. That day may not be today, tomorrow, but I know, Someday.Remember, Sometimes life doesn't give you what you want. Not because you don't deserve it, but because you deserve more.darling, it's not a bad thing to cry. But dont just cry, be tough and win this battle. i wish you well, and I know you'll get through this. Pretty soon, you'll get there just believe .