What’s happening?


I’m on vacation this weekend, and yesterday I told my boyfriend that I’d call between 12 and 3 just to chat. So I called him around 1ish, and he seemed really distant and upset. I asked him if he just woke up and if he was alright. He said he was fine and that I was acting weird. I was trying to tell him about my day, but he seemed distant like the phone call wasn’t really important to him. Then he got another call, so I waited, and then he told me he had to go to his parents house and that he’d see me on Monday. And that was it.

What the hell just happened?

Category: asked March 28, 2015

2 Answers

nothing, just relax and wait for the upcoming monday simple.
Ask him if there would be a problem between your relationships, why did he reacted like that.. And if there would be an appropriate response, consider it but if he will going to make things complicated then you should find ways to know the real case.