What’s a good fitness plan?


I’m a 21 woman and I want to do a 60 day fitness regime or something like that? I need something really structured. I don’t want to diet or anything it’s purely to get fit. I want to go hard for a short time so I that I can feel the results quickly. I’m quite fit already because I go for a 30 minute run three times a week so I want a muscle work out as well.

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2 Answers

Hmm... Well since you run already, I would suggest maybe a beginner/amateur workout. Just search these on google and they pop up everywhere
Well pop pilates on youtube is amazing and has some really good plans for free. a really good one is kayla instines its pricey though but the results are amazing she has an instagram if you want to look into it . and if you just look on pinterest and instagram fitness pages you can find some good plans.