What would you stand for if you know no one would judge you?



Category: asked April 29, 2015

3 Answers

As much as I wish I could just say that I would stand up for anything and not care about being judged, it's not that easy if what you wish to stand up for is an activity considered illegal and would make friends and family around you suspicious and want to intervene.
I stand for what I believe regardless of if people judged me or not.
I think the term "standing up" already implies some judgement. What I mean is (and I'm not completely fluent in english so pardon if I'm mistaken) if you stand up for a belief and there's no one that disagrees, is it really standing up when everyone goes to the same direction? Standing up is to deffend something that can be criticized, it represents the fight for your own values, but I dunno how much of a standing it can be considered when there is no clash of ideas. But that's just my mind wondering I guess, either judged or not I stand for equality for every gender and race, justice, and the right of choice