What would you say?


I don’t know if these kind of questions are very common on here… but what would you say if you could see one of your loved ones again, a loved one that disappeared out of your life..

I ask this question, not to make you said… Just because I do not believe in disappearance… They are still here… I believe in that, with all my heart. I have seen a loved one of mine die and it just cant be true that after that one inhale and after that never coming exhale of her, she was gone. She isn’t gone. Her body gave up, her mind is still with us…

And I just want to give you the chance of venting here the words you want to say to your loved ones… you don’t need to say who it’s for dont want that… but just say what you’ve always wanted to say.

Lots of love,

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Remember when you came to the festival and I gave you a hug? You always told me that I gave the best hugs. That's a lie. It's okay, I don't think you ever realized how good of a hugger you were. I still haven't found anyone who can hug as well as you could.

I wish you would have told everyone that you had cancer and that you knew you were only going to live for another few months. I know most people wouldn't want to sit around waiting in despair like that, but I wanted to be able to tell you goodbye.

I still haven't had raspberry cheesecake as good as yours. Uncle Randy got remarried and then divorced because it turned out she was a gold digger. We don't have the house anymore because she took it. But she never could keep those roses you planted alive. I forgive her for what she did because you would have, but I'm still glad she'll never get to smell those roses.

Every time we go to the cemetery, after the service is over, I go to sit in front of your headstone. Did you know I didn't know your first name was Karen? I always thought it was Eiko. I still feel embarrassed for not knowing. I always put one of the fresh cut irises my mom cuts from the garden on your grave, but I wish we could plant roses instead, even though it's not allowed.

I miss you.
Dear John; I understand now why you cried during Wicked "A Sentimental Man". I never thought taking someone in as you took me in could be a life changing experience. I carry your heart with mine. - J
I'd say "Who are you?" 'cause I never had loved ones. :)