What would be the best decision to make?


So there’s this girl I met online months ago. We started talking a lot and I fell in love with her. I tried to shove off the feeling because I knew this wasn’t going to work right from the start but she kept on comforting me and I fell in love even more. I told her what I felt and blah blah blah (there’s too much to say) she ended up telling me that she likes me too. Time passed we were really in love with each other and then I did something wrong which made her depressed and hurt herself. Blah blah blah now her parents doesn’t want me talking to her and she gave up on everything. She blocked me everywhere and I really can’t contact her anymore by any means. Should I pursue this and try to go on with this feeling or just move on? I plan on finding her 6 years from now after I get enough resources to do so. This a whole lot more to this but it’s too much to write down here.

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If you truly care about her, it's better to let her go. For her sake, but also for yours. If she blocked you everywhere, there is no point to try to still contact her. If you overdo it, it might be viewed as stalking behavior. In 6 years from now you'll both be leading a different life. Letting go isn't easy, but it's the best choice to make. If it's meant to be, your path will cross hers again. You're still young, you never know what the future may bring.
Well heres what I can tell you: in 6 years you probably won't still feel the same way about her, especially if you two aren't talking. If she blocked you then it was probably her parents doing, not her choice. Personally I would just move on because you will find someone else and her parents seemed to have forbidden her, especially because of the long distance. Parents tend to think everyone on the internet Is out to get you, which is reasonable sometimes. I say try and contact her for a couple more months and if you two still aren't talking then move on, it's your best option and maybe the only one. If you still need help, message me! I have lots of experience with long distance relationships, and relationships in general. Im here for you!
Thing is, my mind keep refusing to do what's right. You guys are probably right, things would be different in 6 years time. I'm not sure if my feelings would change though. I'm just having a hard time letting go