What was you best college experience?


Elaborate on your favorite college memory, I like to hear stories

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Leaving. Helped that I had the degree in my hand, and the other hand was flipping off those behind me.
its a bit of a different situation with mine but still can offer experience -firstly am in the UK which has a different definition of college to the US,secondly due to being severely disabled had attended special colleges throughout early adult hood because mainstream AKA 'normal' colleges are unable to accomodate. special colleges have a lot of specialist health services attached to them and they are secure buildings,many of the students have profound disabilities,some life limiting.the best experience had ever had in college was the certificate presentation at the end of the course,had never completed a course before and had also been expelled at fifteen from a special school so never managed to get any specialised qualifications. it was great being at the presentation-lots of proud students, family and carers, though unfortunately for self was not on good terms with family at the time.unfortunately after being transfered to a new residential home, the removeall people lost a lot of goods including the certificates which hurt a lot but am still proud to have saw something to the end.