What to do when a guy likes you but your awkward?


So there’s this guy. First time I saw him I was like wow he’s really cute but I tried to dismiss the thought because I knew he’d never like me. The other day he told my friend that he thought I was really pretty and wanted advice on how to talk to me. I was very excited. The only problem is he doesn’t know that I like him too and he doesn’t know that I know that he likes me. My friend wasn’t suppose to tell me. And I can’t tell him I know because she made me promise. The situation feels very awkward. I’m not quite sure how to go on from here. He hasn’t spoken to me yet (it’s only been two days) do you think he could possibly be over me? Or gave up because he was to shy?

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3 Answers

You like each other? Well done-you're half way there. Honestly if I were you, I'd just go up to him and tell him you like him. Im pretty awkward too-but if you know that he likes you back, the outcome is assured. And I doubt he'll be over you in two days. Best of luck-if you need to talk PM me or anyone here whose advice you liked.
Maybe you can get your friend to tell him you like him too. He doesn't have to know that you know he likes you too. I'm sure if he knew you liked him it would give him more confidence in approaching you.
First off,just go up to him and strike a conversation, he obviously want to talk to you :)And just be YOU :) You're gorgeous the way you are. Love <3 -R